When Is The Right Time For Home Care?

By Thomas Ryan  VP @Home Healthcare


When speaking to prospective clients, I often find that they say they are just doing research.  What prompted that research?  Are they 35 years old and just overly prepared?  Usually not.  Was there an incident or diagnosis?  Most likely.  Even though there is something that worries the researcher, many times they believe they aren’t at the point they may need care.  My response to that is, “If you are on the phone with me, most likely you need the care now.”  It is hard to pull the trigger for most.  This is a life changing event.  The thought of giving up the last of your independence is heart wrenching.  If it is the spouse or children doing the research, odds are that the patient isn’t letting on to how much care they really need.  That patient can also be very resistant to getting help, which leads to hesitation on the part of the researcher.  There are many reasons as to why they wouldn’t want to start service immediately.

Home care can be viewed as reactionary care.  If a person does a stint in the hospital and needs respite type care for a little while.  Sometimes the person experiences a fall, or just is having a hard time getting around suddenly.  Home care should also be viewed as a preventative type care.  How many times have I heard someone say to me that their husband has dementia or Alzheimer’s, but we haven’t had any incidents yet?  Well what are we waiting for?  When that incident happens it may be too late.  Care givers are there to help with the activities of daily living, which can prevent muscle pulls, falls, and yes wandering.  Many incidents can be prevented by having someone in the home taking care of the small things.  that doesn’t mean that all they do is the little things.  These people become like a personal assistant, which many times becomes a part of the family. I  am not saying that when you turn 60 you should have a home health aide just in case.  I am saying that when the signs present themselves you should seriously consider getting the help.

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