Peace of Mind for the Family

How can hiring @Home Healthcare help you the children?  We at @Home Healthcare fully believe that 50% of the care provided is for the family and not necessarily the patient.  We absolutely attend to all the needs of the patient, but also relieve the stress on the family.  If you have elderly parents that live alone, you know that you receive multiple calls a day from them.  Whether it be a simple question about the TV, or a request for you to go to their home to help with something.  We all lead busy lives and running to your parents house isn’t always a possibility.  When this happens the guilt is a killer.  You may feel that you aren’t providing your parents with the attention they may need.  That’s were we come in.  We can provide a highly skilled caregiver to either look in on them for a short period of time a couple days a week, or we can provide round the clock care.  This will enable you to do what needs to be done for your kids or spouse, or maybe even the crazy idea of something for yourself.  Yes I said it, YOURSELF!  Now you may think that this is a selfish way to think.  Well, you a wrong.  We all need time to do what needs to be done.  Even if it is a massage or getting your hair and nails done.  It may even be getting an oil change for your car that has been neglected, because you’re too busy.  You may feel that your parents aren’t ready for a caretaker.  If you’ve read my previous postings you may have seen the one about proactive vs. reactive care.  We like to start service with families in the proactive stage.  This helps us help you promote your parents independence.  We are not trying to infringe on anything they may want to do during the day.  It is the exact opposite.  We want them to have longevity so they can live a long and productive life.  If you have any questions, place an inquiry on our website.  I will personally answer all questions.

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